Home Remedies to Lose Water Weight

how to lose excess water weight - how to get rid of water weight

Water weight is the result of the body retaining extra water. It can make you feel swollen, bloated, and make normally fitting clothes feel a little tight.

In most cases excessive water retention is the result of either a poor diet, not enough exercise, an excess amount of sodium intake, dehydration or even possibly due to some medications you might be taking.

(In rarer or more extreme cases however it might be due to something more serious such as kidney diseases or heart problems. If you experience swelling in your extremities or abdomen that persists for a week and find that your skin dents when you poke it or if you are pregnant and experience sudden swelling in your legs or elsewhere, please see your doctor immediately.)

Luckily when it comes to normal water weight retention there are quite a few things you can do to lose this water weight easily and quickly.

They are listed in the Home Remedies below.

Possible Symptoms of Excess Water Weight or Water Retention,

* Feeling Bloated

* Swelling of the skin

* Enlargement of the abdomen

* Wrists, hands, ankles or feet look swelled

* Face puffiness

* Clothes fit tighter than normal

* Weight gain and fluctuations in body weight

Possible Causes of Excess Water Weight or Water Retention,

* Too much sodium in diet

* Too much sugar

* Lack of Exercise

* Dehydration

* Premenstrual symptoms

* Anti-inflammatory medication, estrogen replacement hormones or steriod use

* Birth Control Pills

* Low level of albumin in the blood

Home Remedies To Lose Water Weight

* Drink More Water

While it might sound ironic, quite often excess water weight is caused by dehydration of the body. When you do not drink enough water, your body reacts by holding more water in its cells. Dehydration also slows down the body’s ability to burn fat. Drink at least 6 to 8 glasses of water a day to ensure that your body constantly flushes out your system. If you find plain water boring, you can boost it up by adding some pure lemon juice or unsweetened pure cranberry juice. These are excellent replacements for flavored or sugary drinks, will make your water taste colder and more refreshing, and will help you stop water retention.

* Take a Walk

Deep breathing and sweating both help to release the body of excess sodium and water. While going to a gym and having a healthy workout routine is recommended, a simply 30 minute brisk walk, four to five days a week, will most likely provide the necessary levels to help you lose water weight.

* Take a Swim

Some experts suggest that swimming is a great way to lose excess water weight because the water pressure can force water out of the body’s tissues and push the body to eliminate through urination. (Be sure to drink additional water after a vigorous swim however because salt or chlorinated water can actually cause dehydration.)

* Cut Down your Salt Intake

Salt dehydrates the body and will cause the body to grab any moisture it can hold onto. It is not only the salt at your dinner table you should watch out for however but the sodium hidden in processed foods such as: french fries, pepperoni pizza and convenience foods, some cereals, salad dressings and canned soups. Be sure to read your labels carefully.

* Drink Tea

There are quite a few teas that will help you lose water weight extremely quickly. Many of these teas are filled with anti-oxidants which have many other health benefits as well. Green tea is especially good for excess water weight loss, but Dandelion tea works just well. Parsley or Uva-Ursi tea are two others or you can visit your local health store for teas made specifically for water weight loss.

* Drink Juice

Cranberry juice is a wonderful natural diuretic. You can drink it straight or add some unsweetened cranberry juice to the water you drink during the day.

* Eat Good “Stuff”

The following food items are also wonderful for naturally helping you to lose excess water weight: asparagus, artichokes, brussels sprouts, carrots, cabbage, cucumbers, lettuce, oats, tomatoes, watercress and watermelon can all help in the process of losing water weight

* Eat More Good “Stuff”

Apple cider vinegar, celery, celery seed, fennel, garlic, juniper berries, nettle, parsley, horseradish, radishes and raw onions are also known to be good for water weight loss and can be added to meals to really help you to lose excess water weight.

* B6 Vitamins

As mentioned above, quite often excess water retention is due to a Vitamin B1, B5 or B6 deficiency. A B6 supplement can help get your system back on track but it is best to check with your doctor first because Vitamin B6 can be toxic in higher doses.

* Diuretics

Like the Vitamin B6 mentioned above, diuretics, even over the counter brands should be taken with caution and be approved by a doctor. It is usually not recommended to take diuretics for casual weight loss due to possible side effects.

* Switch to a Lower-Dose Estrogen

If you believe that you are retaining water due to hormone replacement therapy, it might be that the estrogen level in your pills is simply too high. Consult with your doctor about reducing to a lower-dose estrogen.


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