Home Remedies for a Headache

home remedies for a headache

While headaches are fairly common and most people have suffered from a headache at one time or another in their lives, they certainly are not pleasant, nor are they always caused by the same thing.

Actually headaches can come in different forms such as tension headaches, sinus headaches, cluster headaches, frequent headaches or even the horrific migraine headache.

They can also be caused by different triggers. Read on to find out more about the possible causes of headaches and the home remedies you can use to get headache relief.

Possible Causes of Headaches,

* Tension or Stress
* Fatigue
* Warm Weather
* Extreme Cold Weather
* Strong Scents or Odors
* Tight Hair Accessories that pull on scalp
* Caffeine
* Strenuous exercise or sexual activity
* Poor Posture
* Consumption of Certain cheeses such as Mozzerella, brie, blue cheese, parmesans cheese or Swiss cheese
* Consumption of Red Wine
* Consumption of Processed Meats such as Cold Cuts
* Hormones or Menstrual Cycle
* Hunger
* Smoking

Home Remedies for Headaches

Ben Gay

Rubbing a small dab of Ben Gay temples, forehead or back of neck could help ease the pain of headaches.

Drink Strong Tea

Drinking very strong tea can help relieve migraine headaches. Add two tea bags to one cup of boiling water and let it steep for about 20 minutes then drink.

Drink Coffee

Drinking coffee can help reduce the swelling of blood vessels that cause headaches. Try drinking two cups of coffee and watch your headache subside.

Drink Gatorade

Quite often headaches are caused by dehydration. In these cases, drinking two cups of Gatorade can relieve headaches almost immediately.

Apply Ice

Applying an ice pack to your head can also help to alleviate headache pain. Place ice in a Ziploc bag, wrap the bag in a tower and apply to head.

Try a Headband

Quite often tying a headband around your head can help relive headache pain. No one is quite sure why it works but many swear by it.

Peppermint Oil or Peppermint Tea

Rub some peppermint oil on the area of your head that hurts. Again, no one knows exactly how or why it works but it brings headache relief to many. Drinking peppermint tea can help relieve headache pain as well.

Take a Warm Bath or Shower

Sometimes simply taking a warm bath or shower can help relieve headache pain. Works especially well if you are able to take a nap or lie down for awhile immediately after.


Rub the fleshy are between your thumb and forefinger rhythmically and firmly as you close your eyes and breathe deeply for 5 to 10 minutes. Ease up on the pressure each time you breath out – press firmly each time you breathe in. Also imagine that the pressure in your head is being gently released each time you breathe out.

When to See a Doctor or Seek Emergency Care

While most headaches can be treated at home there might be times when you need to see a doctor or seek emergency medical care. Seek treatment immediately if you are suffering from any of the following symptoms along with a headache:

* Weakness
* Dizziness
* Sudden loss of balance or falling
* Numbness or tingling
* Paralysis
* Speech difficulties
* Mental confusion
* Seizures
* Personality changes, strange or inappropriate behavior
* Blurry vision, double vision, or having blind spots
* Headache accompanied with a fever, stiff neck, shortness of breath, or a rash
* Headache pain that awakens you at night
* Headaches accompanied with severe nausea and/or vomiting
* Headaches that occur after a head injury or accident


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