Home Remedies For Arthritis

home remedies for arthritis

Arthritis is an affliction that has effected man since the beginning of time. While there are over 150 different types of arthritis, the one thing that seems to be a constant is the pain and inflammation of joints that people experience regardless of the type of arthritis that they have.

Below are some home remedies for Arthritis.

Possible Causes of Arthritis

*An injury that could lead to osteoarthritis

*An Infection

*Gout of pseudo gout

*Heridary factors

*Unclear reasons that can cause and systemic lupus erythematosus or rheumatoid arthritis.

Possible Symptoms of Arthritis

* Persistent joint pain

* Pain or tenderness in a joint which is aggravated by movement or activity. Such activities can include holding an object, typing, turning a key, throwing a ball, getting up from a chair, walking or even writing.

* Joint swelling, redness, stiffness or warmness in joints

* Joint deformity

* Loss of flexibility or range of motion in a joint

* Extreme fatigue, weakness, lack of energy

* Unexplained weight loss

Home Remedies for Arthritis

*Massage Your Aching Joints with Warm Olive Oil

A gentle massaging of the area with warm olive oil can help soothe pain quickly. Do not forget to focus on the tendons that lead to your painful joints. For example, if the arthritis is in your hands, be sure to also massage the forearms from wrists to elbows.

* Massage with Warm Vinegar

Massaging aching arthritic areas with warm vinegar can also help ease pain.

* Apply Cold

The proper time to apply cold is when the joints have been overworked or overstressed. This can help keep swelling down. Put ice in a plastic bag or you can even use a bag of frozen vegetables such as peas. Apply to area for 15 to 20 minutes, remove for 10 to 15 minutes and then reapply. You can do this for a few hours if required.

* Apply Heat

If the joints are already swollen, hot or tender, this is when heat would work best. Applying cold at this stage could make joints hurt more. Try applying a heating pad to hurting areas. The best rule of thumb is, if the treatment is offering relief, it is a good thing. If it causes more pain however, stop.

* Try Taking Fish Oil

While not everyone will respond to fish oil, it has been found to be quite effective for many arthritis suffers in reducing joint tenderness and fatigue. You can take it in pill form as a supplement or you can take 1 teaspoon per day of Cod liver oil.

Be sure to check with your doctor however if you are taking other medications because you want to make sure they will interact well.

* Add Epsom Salt To Your Bath

Adding 4 tablespoons of Epsom salt to your bath can also help reduce inflammation and stiffness of joints.

* Try a Muscle Ointment Before Bedtime

Quite often arthritis sufferers wake up stiff and achy. Try using a muscle ointment at night before going to bed to help ease that early morning stiffness. It has been found that the better you feel when you wake up, the better you will feel the rest of the day.

*Try Yoga

While moving aching joints can be a little painful, not moving them is even worse. It is important to strengthen and lengthen those joints back to normal position. Yoga teaches the safe and proper way to get your body back into alignment.

It is probably best to take a class at first so a teacher can show you the correct alignment and proper moves, then you can buy yourself a DVD or video so you can workout at home whenever you like at your convenience.

Proper stretching and regular yoga exercises can work wonders in making you feel better and be able to move easier.

*Pace Yourself

Unfortunately it is very common for people who suffer from arthritis to overdo it on the days they are feeling good to overcompensate for days they aren’t at their best. This however, will just make joints hurt worse the next day from overuse. Slow and steady pacing is the best way to feel better more often.

*Walk, Bicycle or Swim

Low impact aerobic activity is just what the doctor ordered for arthritis sufferers. It not only improves ones physical condition but mental condition as well. Try to find a low impact program that will get your heart rate up to about 120 beats per minute but does not overly stress joints.


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Alternative Options

*While this site is dedicated to Home Remedies, there might be a rare occasion where you might need a little help from an outside source. The following are some other products or procedures that you can try if your situation is a little more severe and these home remedies aren’t quite doing the trick.

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