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how to get rid of dandruff - home remedies for dandruff

Dandruff (also known as seborrheic dermatitis) is a fairly common, skin condition that can cause white to yellowish flaky scales to form on the scalp. These little flakes can get stuck in a persons hair or settle on a person’s shoulders, clothes or even on their face and eyebrows.

There are two different kinds of dandruff. There is a waxy dandruff that is more likely to stick to the scalp in patches or there is a dry dandruff, which causes the condition listed above where flakes are loose and scatter easily.

Possible Symptoms/Causes of Dandruff,

* Stress

* Weather Extremes

* Fatigue

* Poor Nutrition

* Over Activity of Oil Glands

* Infrequent shampooing

* Use of Lotions that contain alcohol

* Shampooing in water that is too hot

* Deficiency of zinc

* Being on a no-fat or low-fat diet

* Frequent use of alkaline soaps and shampoos

Home Remedies for Dandruff

* Avoid Hot Water

Do your best to not shampoo with hot water. Try lukewarm showers and rinsing hair with cooler water after shampooing.

* Wash Hair Often

This is especially important in instances where dandruff is caused by over activity of oil glands. Washing your hair everyday can eliminate the oil and help prevent dandruff.

* Avoid Using Alcohol Based Hair Products

Many styling products such as hair sprays, mousses and gels are alcohol based. Look for brands that contain little to no alcohol (some are listed below).

* Try Using Anti-Dandruff Shampoos

It is important to look for shampoos that contain the active incredients selenium sulfide or ZPT (zinc pyrithione). Other shampoos that contain Coal-tar or salicylic acid are good for people who suffer from dandruff. Head & Shoulders and Selsun Blue are just two examples of shampoos that work particularly well on dandruff.

* Switch Shampoos

If you have found a shampoo that worked for awhile but then suddenly stopped, do not worry. It might just be time to switch to a different shampoo that has a different active ingredient as listed above. It is actually recommended that you keep two different dandruff shampoos in your home and switch back and forth every two to three weeks to keep dandruff at bay.

* Try Vitamin E oil

Vitamin E oil works wonderfully for dry, itchy scalps. Simply rub some vitamin E oil (found in most drug stores) into your scalp to reduce scaling and relieve the itching.

* Use Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera works wonderfully for many home remedies and it can work for dandruff as well. Try rubbing the thick gel of an aloe vera leaf into your scalp and leave overnight. Then simply shampoo out the next morning.

* Use Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is also good for dry scalps. Simply rubbing some coconut oil into your hair daily can clear up dandruff in just a few days.

* Try Listerine Mouthwash

While this might sound like a weird home remedy for dandruff, it works extremely well. Be sure to buy the original Listerine (the amber colored version) and rinse through hair for two or three minutes after shampooing. Users swear that within just a few days the dandruff is gone. (Be careful not to do this if you have any open cuts on your scalp however because it might sting.)

* White Vinegar

White vinegar is another must have item around your home because it works so well for many home remedies. White vinegar (1 part vinegar – 2 parts water) is another great remedy for dandruff.

Rinse this combination through your hair for a few minutes after shampooing and the itchiness will disappear almost instantly.

* Apply Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is another home remedy that can help restore the proper acid/alkaline balance of the scalp. You can apply the juice from the half of an actual lemon or even use the little lemon juice squeeze bottles. Simply stand over a kitchen or bathroom sink and rinse the juice through your hair. Leave on for about 15 minutes and then wash out your hair. This does not need to be done everyday – just in cases where dandruff returns.


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