Home Remedies for Hiccups

home remedies for hiccups

Possible Causes of Hiccups

There are quite a few things that can cause common hiccups. Common hiccups or hiccoughs usually don’t last for very long and aren’t considered dangerous if they do not go on for long periods of time.

Usually the most common causes of short term hiccups include:

* Eating too much or too quickly
* Emotional stress or Excitement
* Drinking Carbonated Beverages
* Drinking large amounts of alcohol
* Sudden change in temperature
* Stomach Acid

Possible Causes of Long Term Hiccups,

* Sore throat or Laryngitis
* Gastoespohageal reflux
* Something in the ear touching the eardrum
* A cyst, tumor, or goiter located in the neck

Home Remedies for Hiccups

Apple Cider Vinegar

A simple and easy cure for hiccups is to add one teaspoon of Apple Cider vinegar to a cup of warm water, stir well and drink.


This is an old bartenders cure, but is quite often very effective. Try putting 5 or 6 drops of Angustura Bitters on a slice of lemon or lemon wedge. Add a touch of sugar, then suck on the wedge until you get all of the juice out. While I am not sure if it is the sugar, the lemon or the bitters that does the job – it seems to work quite effectively nonetheless.

Distract Yourself

In many cases, simply distracting yourself can make the hiccups go away. Trying saying the alphabet backwards, sing a song, try to multiply two large numbers in your head, etc. by the time you are done, the hiccups will be done as well.

Hold Your Breath

In many cases, simply holding your breath will do the trick in getting rid of hiccups.
Take a deep breathe and try and hold it for at least a count of 8 – then slowly let it go.

Hold a Few Breaths

If your hiccups don’t go away the first breath holding time , a second method you can try is to hold your breathe to a count of 8 – without letting the breath go, suck in a little more air – hold for about a count of 6 – then again without releasing the air suck in just a little bit more and hold for about a count of 4. I have found this method works just about every single time for any kind of hiccups/

Lemon Juice

It is said that the sour taste of the lemon could “shock” the diaphrams nerves stopping the hiccups. Put about 3 tablespoons of lemon juice into a small glass or shot glass, then swallow quickly.

Paper Bag

Breathing into a paper bag can also get rid of the hiccups. This is because it increases the amount of carbon dioxide in your bloodstream – redirecting your body to focus on the carbon dioxide increase as opposed to the hiccups.

Peanut Butter

Peanut butter can also help to get rid of hiccups. Eating one heaping teaspoon of peanut butter should get rid of hiccups in no time.

Pull on Your Tongue

Some swear that the simple act of pulling on your tongue can stop hiccups.

Swallow Quickly

Try holding your breath while swallowing as quickly and often as you can. Or you can try drinking a liquid and swallowing in as many small sips as you can.


It seems that taking a spoon full of sugar not only helps the medicine go down, but can help cure hiccups as well. Simply swallow a heaping teaspoon of sugar – do this with dry sugar – no water needed. It’s tasty too!

Wait for the Next Hiccup

This one is a funny, yet very effective way to get rid of the hiccups. After you hiccup, simply wait for the next one to come. Wait for it…wait for it…in most cases it never shows up.


Drinking water or gargling with water can also help to get rid of hiccups.

Warm Water

Drinking a glass of warm water is also said to help cure hiccups quickly. Usually within 15 seconds to a minute the hiccups should be gone. If it doesn’t work the first time, you might want to try again with warmer water.

When To See a Doctor

While hiccups are common and are experienced by most people at one time or another in their lives, there are times when hiccups can be indicative of a more serious illness.

It is recommended that you see a doctor if you experience any of the following symptoms:

* If hiccups last more than 3 hours
* They disturb your eating
* They disturb your sleeping
* Hiccups along with abdominal pain
* Hiccups accompanied by fever
* Hiccups accompanied with shortness of breath
* Feeling as if your throat is closing
* Coughing up of blood
* Hiccups accompanied by vomiting


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